Campus Accessibility

Campus Accessibility

The Problem:

On any students first day here at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, there will be difficulties navigating campus.  This is especially true for students with disabilities.  These students have no idea where some barriers are located so this tool was thought of to solve this problem.  This university is known for being one of the top leaders in accessibility and this application is just one more way that the campus will be able to continue the streak of being one of the leaders in handicap accessibility.

The Maplication:

The current tool is a mobile only application and can be see at

The Challenge:

Campus needed a tool that would help route people from building to building on campus, as well as from parking spot to building or even a certain seat in a classroom.  However, there are few networks that use sidewalks as the primary mode of travel when doing routing tools.  So we had to construct a network with every sidewalk on campus in order to begin this development process.  We  then met with some individuals that have disabilities to gain insight as to what they thought would be helpful in terms of navigation of campus.  We then took those thoughts and combined them to create an application that allows users to input stops and solving a route with predetermined barriers like stairs. This application is has been developed for mobile devices with the intention of becoming a native app for IOS in the future.

The Solution

We developed a mobile tool that allows users to select a location based on a given list of buildings and various campus services as well as selecting a point of there own.  The map is powered my geolocation which allows the app to locate the user and help give better directions that start from their current location.  This app also has the ability to follow the user where ever they go on campus and the map will stay centered on the current position.  This is a function that has the option to be turned off if you want to just browse the map.  We have a mobile only version and we are currently accepting feedback so if you have any please send us an email at